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Never before has such a broad group of experts come together to build a comparable solution for any sport. The pitching expertise at 3P reads like a Sports Illustrated cover story. Rick Peterson brings nearly 20 years of detailed pitching knowledge based on his experiences with the White Sox, Athletics, Mets and Brewers. Combined with Jim Duquette’s talent evaluation and big league expertise at the Mets and Orioles – the two created a foundation for a very solid business model predicated on the science of motion to aide in on-the-mound performance and injury prevention. While many claim to analyze pitching, no one has developed a more comprehensive body of work than Dr. Glenn Fleisig and Dr. James Andrews at the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI). The ASMI labs provide the ideal setting for pitch delivery analysis and research on how to pitch without injury. Dr. Andrews, a world renowned orthopedic surgeon, has repaired many of the most famous arms, elbows and shoulders ever to wear big league uniforms. Working with ASMI, the undisputed leaders in motion analysis, 3P Sports is the only offering to utilize a biomechanical pitching analysis for anyone who throws a baseball.

To insure the program was long on practicality Al Leiter and Tom Glavine, provide the pitcher’s perspectives to help pitchers of any age from all over the globe implement a proven program. Jeff Mangold, a veteran to MLB locker rooms contributed a cutting edge strength training program targeted exclusively to pitchers. The program was refined over a lengthy period of time and resulted in an age specific offering that changes every month and delivers fresh content every 30 days. And while the program trains pitchers for success, the final ingredient for this world class program was complete when Harvey Dorfman, nationally recognized sports psychologist joined to be the cornerstone advisor around performance behaviors. Because we all believe that an overall training program is far superior to any point programs – we take great pride in the 3P Programs and challenge anyone to find a more credentialed group of advisors offering a better program for peak pitching performance and injury prevention